Blog week 5

These days lgbt become increasingly popular among society. First let me mention that I don’t have anything against lgbt community. But the problem is propaganda of lgbt. The lgbt propaganda is everywhere, in the parks, schools, kindergartens. The most crucial thing, they teach little children that they can choose their own gender and etc. Ex president of USA Donald trump in one his speeches said “No teacher should ever be allowed to teach transgender to our children without parental consent”. I’m totally agree with him. Because I wouldn’t like if someone says to my little brother that he can marry to another man, or he can be woman or something between male and female. As I told before I got nothing against lgbt community. If you are non binary it’s okay just keep it in yourself no need to persuade others to be like you. And I support civil rights, every person should be treated equally. When it comes to educating young children, it’s especially important to recognise the delicate balance between increasing awareness and enabling people to express their identities and respecting the values and views of others.

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