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Uhhh I feel kind of sadness by realising that I finished this class. This class impacted me very well. I learned so many things about America. I learned the basics of how the U.S. government is set up, like having three different groups (executive, legislative, and judicial) to make sure no one gets too much power, I learned how we elect our leaders, including the President, using something called the electoral college. We talked about how important it is to have rights and freedom. The class focused on some of the big laws that protect our rights, like freedom of speech. It was interesting to see how the voting process works. We talked about the different groups in politics and how they have different ideas. There are two main parties, and they have their own beliefs and ways of doing things. I learned about the President, Congress, and the Supreme Court what each one does and how they work together. I learned too many things but those which mentioned above was the most interesting topics for me.

Self grading:

The biggest challenge for me blogging. First 3 weeks a was completely disoriented, I didn’t know what to write, but after I had online meeting with professor I went a bit well than before. And I completely forget to include citations. But each week to write that blogs I used to do lots of research, I learned so many new things. And I think I deserve 14 points

My participation was quite well, I skipped just 4 classes, I think I deserve 8 points.

I did 2 online tests, translate week of slides, protest poster and meme. I got 14 from first midterm, 7 for slides translation, 10 for protest poster, 15 for meme, and 14 for final midterm and 5 for intro slide.

My total point is: 87

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