week 8

The executive branch is one of the 3 branches of US. Key components of the executive branch include: president, vice president, the cabinet (president’s advisors), executive department and orders.

So now let’s talk about the responsibilities of those components:

President is the head of the country. President is responsible for managing foreign policy, carrying out and upholding federal legislation, and supervising the different executive departments.

The vice president is the second main figure in executive branch. His role is to support president and presides the senate, where they have power to give the final votes.

The cabinet is the group of president’s advisors, Each member of the cabinet is the head of a federal executive department, such as the department of state, department of defense, department of justice, etc. These departments are responsible for specific areas of government function

Executive departments and agencies: there are numerous executive departments and agencies that carry out specific functions and responsibilities

Executive orders are directions with legal effect that the President may issue to direct the federal government’s activities.

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