Blog week 4

What Are the civil liberties? Civil liberties are the rights and freedom of citizens such as freedom of speech, religion etc.

The most I like about civil liberties is First amendment in constitution. Because of this amendment the government can’t establish official religion. So it helps us to avoid massive religion discrimination. This freedom known as establishment clause. Also the first amendment allows us to freely practice our religion. The Free Exercise Clause addresses the conflicts which may general laws might conflict with specific religious exercises. The Jenovah’s witnesses highlighted the difficulties to balance religious freedom with established laws. First government was stubborn about removing the laws that contradicts with religion freedom but later cases affirmed individuals’ right event if it was contradicting to certain laws.

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Ylyas- this is a very good improvement over your previous work- thank you! I want to encourage you to go even further in looking for specific examples to support your arguments (always remembering to cite your sources). There’s a lot of directions you could take this blog post, so push yourself and your thinking (this will also make it easier to achieve the required 3-4 paragraphs)

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