Blog week 2

In this blog I’ll talk about the US constitution, or rather about the amendments. In total US constitution were changed 27 times. First 10 amendments were added as a respond to charges of anti-federalists. They wasn’t happy about that the constitution makes government too powerful but didn’t provide protection for rights of citizens.

James Madison took the lead in drafting nineteen potential changes to the Constitution. Madison submitted draft to congress and 10 amendments were accepted. These amendments known as bill of rights. As I understand Bill of rights were accepted to calm anti-federalists down and encourage their support of the new national government. Many of the first ten amendments were based on provisions of the English Bill of Rights and the Virginia Declaration of Rights. For example right to have a gun for protection, the right not to have to provide shelter and provision for soldiers in peacetime, the right to a trial by jury, and protection from excessive fines and from cruel and unusual punishment. All this amendments is taken from Bill of rights

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